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Helping John Lewis' customers protect their purchases


Step 2 - Ideation and validation

The Challenge

John Lewis have partnered with Domestic and General to offer customers protection plans for their purchases through Protect Plus. The objective was to optimise the sales journey to increase engagement, increase plan sales, and reflect their new brand theme

Step 1 - Discovery

  • A UX audit of the exiting site to identify areas for improvement

  • A deep dive in to the analytics to see how customers were interacting with the existing site

  • Audit of the new JL brand to inform how I might interpret it in to a new more engaging experience


  • 25% customers were heading straight to login to My Account

  •  13% were looking how to renew a policy having received an offer by email

  • 4% were interacting with the benefits area

  • The site lacked an explanation of John Lewis' relationship with Domestic and General as provider of the insurance plans, causing some confusion

  • The current experience felt uninspiring, than plan benefits didnt stand out

Step 2 - Early wireframes

My first iteration included a range of UX improvements including:

  • Increased visibility and clarity of product offer and benefits

  • Removal of repeated CTAs

  • Increased visibility of Domestic and General and clarification of relationship

  • Reordered flow 

Mobile_protect your mobile.png
Mobile_protect your mobile.png

Step 3 - Problem solving and reiteration

Following a stakeholder review and moderated user tests there was a requirement to increase the level of engagement further.

Some users were missing details of inclusions and exclusions, this had to be improved, both for compliance reasons and to build customer trust.


An additional client request was to clarify the payment options. The  in-store sales team were intending to use site as a sales aid, using tablets.

Step 4 - Hi fidelity designs

IInitially I used carousel to showcase the 4 protection plan products on the home page, identifying each product type with colour, and a striking hero image.

JLP_tech_in mob.png
JLP_app_in mob.png
JLP_mobile_in mob..png
JLP_furn_in mob.png

Step 5 - Reiteration

Further user testing showed that some users were missing the fourth product in the carousel, so I replaced it with a grid, ensuring an overview of the full suite. That allowed a wider range of options to be surfaced from the home page hero, to enable customers to quickly reach their desired area.

hmpg ipad pro on white ldscp.png


The new approach provides JL customers with reassurance and increased trust as a result of being seamlessly aligned with the John Lewis brand. The UX has been optimised to ensure the benefits are prominent, clear and balanced. Plan inclusions and exclusions ate very clear to further increase trust. The build is currently ongoing and will be completed to align with the JL roadmap later in 2024.

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