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Photobox website refresh and digital campaign


Photobox are an online photo printing retailer operating across Europe, offering personalised photographic gifts. The team wanted to increase sales and grow market share by attracting a younger, mostly female demographic. They needed to do so without alienating their existing customers.

One goal was to reduce the number of steps to purchase and improve the user experience along the way. In addition they wanted to get a clear picture of the competitive landscape and to improve their online user experience.


UI Design


Social media

Research stage

  • I researched the target audience - busy modern women, likely to be aged between 20-25, looking for a balance in life and prioritising relationships. Their need is to form relationships whilst having fun. They seek out products that feel unique with a personal touch.

  • I audited Photobox's digital collateral - focussing on the company's website and instagram presence, to establish what was working well, and where improvements could be made.

  • I completed a thorough benchmarking exercise with major competitors as well as brands that appeal to the target demographic.



Campaign concept

The campaign's headline 'Give Unique' is a warm call to action intended to inspire the giving of unique personalised products through a series of relatable, fun vibrant stories. The ‘givers’ convey they lead fun, dynamic lifestyles, are creative and prioritise relationships.


The campaign urges viewers to Live, Love and Give uniquely. Three stories run under an umbrella campaign - driving traffic to the e-commerce site, which reflects the new campaign and had a design refresh. Stories are delivered through a series of emails, Instagram stories and feeds.


Email Campaign Story #1

This email campaign tells the story of a group of twenty-something friends enjoy an amazing weekend away at a festival. Their memories are captured through the photobook gift.

The tone of voice is warm and playful and speaks directly to the reader. The call to action is prominent and incentive discount clear.

Instagram feed

The festival story is told through a series of Instagram posts including feed and Instagram Stories

Instagram Profile (iPhone XS) 1 Festival


Email Campaign Story #2

The second email story focusses on a groups of friends sharing a weekend hiking in the countryside.

Calls to action are clear and the primary call to action button is placed prominently at the bottom in the primary campaign colour. 



Email Campaign Story #3


The third story of the campaign is  based around a paid partnership with influencers Esther and Jacob, who run a travel lifestyle blog.


The couple’s passion for discovery and adventure resonates with the target demographic’s desire for new and unique experiences. Inspiring photography culminates with a stunning photobook.

Web design refresh

The website design was refreshed to include the hero campaign image, supported by secondary promotional 'give unique' strips throughout the site. The site layout was improved - removed clutter  and brightened up colour palette to improve user flow.

  Pbox_website - story 1.jpg
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