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Reimagining 'My Account' for Domestic and General customers


Transforming the personalised account experience for D&G customers to increase retention and help customers easily manage their home appliances

The problem

The existing logged in account experience offered customers little incentive to revisit. The experience delivered sparse reasons for customers to revisit, lacking engaging content or incentives to return.

Step 1 - Discovery

  • Analysis of Google Analytics data

  • Benchmarking exercise in MIRO to investigate samples of logged in experiences, in the insurance sector and beyond

  • Audit of the existing My Account journey and deep dive in to existing customer feedback from interviews and call centre recordings


  • Bounce rates at login to My Account were high

  • Login felt like a barrier to customers

  • The existing My Account experience offered customers little incentive to visit with limited 

  • Low levels of personalisation

  • Customers weren’t able to view appliances they had registered but not insured

  • Content was almost unchanging from visit to visit

  • Content lacked engagement

  • No cross-selling with My Account

Step 2 - Define use cases

I defined the following customer use cases:

  • Purchased a protection plan

  • Registered but not protected appliances

  • Expired protection plan

  • Warranty that is due to or has expired

Step 3 - Ideation

During ideation I explored numerous ways to increase engagement, including:

  • Renaming My Account to D&G HomeHub

  • Introducing a notification and message centre

  • Enabling customers to quickly view all of their registered and protected appliances

  • Added personalised reminders to register for commonly owned appliances

  • Introduced personalised cross selling

  • Added relevant and topical maintenance and repair tips

  • Added blog link

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Step 4 - High fidelity prototype

Following testing and a number of rounds of iterations I designed a high fidelity prototype in Figma, displaying proposed new features and improved navigation, with an enhanced UI.

Each appliance is displayed in an expandable card, to minimise scrolling and enable at-a-glance visibility of plans and registrations

Colour coded banners and iconography signpost the status of each plan. Cross sell banners are surfaced within expired plans

Personality is injected through editorial tone, use of colour and playful iconography

Tips of the day and a weather widget increases engagement.

Incentives and reminders to register new appliances.

Modals are explored to prompt sales


The concepts were well received by business stakeholders and in early user first impression tests. Further testing and reiteration is planned to refine the concepts, with a view to moving in to production. The new approach to UI has sparked future creative development across the site.

It is expected the new features will reduce drop off, drive sales, increase engagement and trust.

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