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Creating a digital B2B presence for Domestic and General 


A website to attract retailers to the extended warranty subscription model and drive international growth

The Challenge

Domestic and General are not yet well-known in the US. The business opportunity is significant, but in the US insurance industry the subscription model is relatively new, with prospects hesitant to adopt fearing loss of up front revenue.

Step 1 - Discovery

  • Discovery began with a workshop with US stakeholders to define project objectives, key requirements, constraints and to understand possible barriers to adopting the subscription model

  • Next a benchmarking exercise of 16 prominent US insurers enabled me to audit the existing landscape


  • In the US, D&G was associated with Dollar General, a US retailer

  • US appliance retailers feared the loss of upfront revenue with the subscription model

  • Customer loyalty is crucial to retailers in US

  • There was a need to educate and convince retailers of the benefits of the model – and that D&G were the experts to deliver it

Step 2 - Define site structure and plan high level content

I facilitated a workshop where key stakeholders were invited to review a site map and high level content plan. This informed the initial content structure and hierarchy,  defined the purpose of each section and desired user behaviour for each page

Low fidelity wireframes and annotation

Step 3 Creative development and moderated user testing

I tested 5 visual approaches during 30 moderated user interviews with participants in the US. This enabled me to understand users' comprehension of the proposition, their preferences of visual treatments and to gather insights that helped with future iterations

Step 4 - Reiteration of creative and further testing

I reiterated designs then ran a second round of 10 moderated interviews to discover which option was preferred and why, and to assess comprehension of proposition and efficacy of CTAs

Concept one

Concept two


  • Participants indicated a strong preference for a concept 2

  • The product suite appealed to most and was well understood

  • Most associated the bolder colour palette with modernity and technology

  • Icons were popular

  • Distinct sections and clear CTAs liked

  • The copy needed to more clearly communicate the B2B nature of the site

Step 5 - Content development and design

I built a high fidelity prototype of the full site in Figma and tested comprehension of flow and reiterated content.

I worked closely with a UX copywriter to ensure editorial content would resonate with a US B2B audience. Once approved worked closely with devs to ensure the built site matched the UI.

The product suite was displayed in expandable cards giving prospects an overview. This approach gives flexibility to  add more product over time.

Downloadable case studies were created to help with proof points and credibility

Icons were used throughout to convey personality and visual interest.

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